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Ltd edition of 300, 100% silk crepe de chine with a handrolled edge, 130cm x 130cm


‘Let us go forth, the tellers of tales..’

W.B. Yeats


We are a nation of storytellers.. The Messenger celebrates the creatures that carry our stories beyond this world, with a little bit of luck and a wish thrown in for good measure.


The Heron


In Celtic mythology, the Heron was the messenger of the gods and a guide and guardian of the treasures of the otherworld. Celts believed the heron was an incarnation of the goddess Rhiannon, who was associated with lakes and waters, a protecting deity; she would help people who were lost to find their way home. Herons were believed to be good omen, especially for people who were bound to waters, for this reason sailors believed the heron brings fortune and safe journey. The heron was also thought to have associations with the moon, and was sacred to the Triple Goddess. It was thought to represent magic, shamanic travel, learning and keeping secrets, reaching deeper mysteries and truths.


Wild Cherry


Fairies love the wild cherry tree. If you have a wish, bring a token for the fairies and whisper your wish to the cherry blossoms




A bluebird is usually perceived as a symbol of joy and happiness




Throughout Celtic tradition, the Bee was a protected creature. The ancient Druids saw the bee as a symbol of the sun, the Goddess, celebration, and community. The bee is also a wise spiritual messenger. When someone died the bees should be informed so that they could take the news abroad, as such the bee is a messenger between our world and the spirit realm. Bees are also associated with wisdom.




The significance of the butterfly in Irish folklore attributes it as the soul and thus it has the ability to cross into the otherworld. It is also a symbol of transformation and creation. In Ireland, the butterflies are a message from the fairies, a sign of metamorphosis of spirits waiting to be reborn. They represent journeys between worlds in search of knowledge.


Yellow butterfly


A yellow butterfly represents joy and creativity.



Please note that due to the nature of silk and with the scarves being printed in small batches that colours can vary slightly, although we try our best to ensure continuity. Due to this and computer/ phone screen settings the colours can look a little different to above.

The Messenger Oversized Scarf: Crepe de Chine

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