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Retelling the Old Stories

Éadach is a range of limited edition prints from stylist and illustrator Sara O’Neill, inspired by her grandmother’s stories and the Irish landscape. Éadach features Sara’s hand drawn illustrations printed on silk to create richly coloured contemporary prints influenced by Ireland’s darker myths and legends and history and heritage of strong women. 


Sara’s work as a fashion stylist over the last decade has influenced her designs greatly. She has a very clear idea of what an Éadach design should be...luxurious with a rock n roll bohemian edge, for those with a rebellious streak and romantic soul. She is a firm believer in sustainable and conscientious creating beautiful, ethical and well made pieces to wear and treasure for years to come. 


Sara draws inspiration from all over the island, especially her native north coast, an area of spectacular beauty filled with myth and legend.


‘In the great Irish tradition, my grandparents told me wonderful stories- The Children of Lir, The Salmon of Knowlegde, of Cú Chulainn, banshees and fairy trees. These stories really come to life when roadtripping around the Irish coastline, seeing shipwrecks, ravaged shores, castle ruins and tumbledown cottages.'


Éadach has received extensive coverage in fashion and mainstream press, including Grazia’s big fashion issue and The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine, The Irish Times, Social and Personal, Hot Press, The Irish Independent, The Irish Mail on Sunday and Irish Country magazine. 


Éadach has been showcased in iconic luxury store Brown Thomas for the past six seasons. 

The range has travelled worldwide and is sold from Ireland to L.A.


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