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Ltd edition of 300, 100% silk twill with a handrolled edge, 23cm x 203cm


She Sells Seashells…a seashell paisley print for sea lovers, waterbabies, beachcombers, treasure hunters and coastal creatures.A gift from nature, from the sea gods and goddesses....a little treasure discovered on the shoreline, that magical space between the sea and the land. Revealed in the changing of the tides, will we ever tire of finding a perfect shell resting in the sand? They are a symbol of luck and linked to prosperity and abundance.


In Celtic mythology the scallop shell is sacred to the Goddess Brigit, we still decorate with seashells and flowers on her feastday. Chlíodhna of the Tuatha Dé Danann is the daughter of the Sea God Manannan Mac Lir. She is the Goddess of Beauty, the Sea and the Otherworld, a Fairy Queen and Queen of the Banshees. Every ninth wave is sacred to her and if you make a wish a small pearl is placed in a shell, cast on the ninth wave and if it reaches the shore the goddess Clíodhna will grant your wish. These goddesses are often seen as the Celtic version of Aprodite and Venus…think of Bottecelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’, where Venus is carried to the shore in a shell (I nearly cried when I saw this in the Uffizi Gallery.)


The Celts saw the seahorse as a symbol of courage and forbearance at sea and a symbol of good luck for sailors. Starfish represent and symbolize renewal and regeneration.


Please note that due to the nature of silk and with the scarves being printed in small batches that colours can vary slightly, although we try our best to ensure continuity. Due to this and computer/ phone screen settings the colours can look a little different to above.

Seashell Paisley Skinny Silk Scarf.Silk Twill.

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