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Róisín Dubh Toile Pink Silk Twill Scarf. Ltd edition of 300, 100% silk with a handrolled edge, 130cm x 130cm


The Róisín Dubh Toile..Inspired by one of Ireland’s most famous songs, ‘Róisín Dubh’, meaning ‘Little Dark Rose’ or ‘Dark Rosaleen’, The song is reputed to have originated in the camps of Red Hugh O'Donnell. The 16th century song is based on based on an older love-lyric which referred to the poet's beloved rather than, as it is often used, a metaphor for Ireland. a dramatic. A wild print featuring black horses and thorny dark roses, contrasting the dark imagery with a soft plaster pink background. The print is put into a repeat as a nod to a traditional toile print.


Please note that due to the nature of silk and with the scarves being printed in small batches that colours can vary slightly, although we try our best to ensure continuity. Due to this and computer/ phone screen settings the colours can look a little different to above.

Róisín Dubh Toile Pink Silk Twill Scarf

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