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Ltd edition of 300.


100% merino wool with a frayed edge.


140cm x 140cm.


Non-mulesed wool.


Banbha is one of the matron Goddesses of Ireland, along with her sisters Ériu and Fodla. She is one of the Tuatha de Danaan*, the people of the Goddess Danu. When the Milesians* arrived in Ireland and conquered them, Banba and her two sisters, Ériu and Fodla, all asked that the island be named for them. Ériu won the request, but Banba’s name continued to be used on occasion. Ériu’s name then became Eire, Ireland and the three sisters represent the spirit of the country. Banba’s theme is protection and her symbol is soil, her name translating to ‘unploughed land’, meaning it is left safe and untouched to grow fertile. A Celtic war goddess, Banba extends safety to those who follow her, wielding magic in their support, in Irish tradition, she protects the land from invaders.


For the Banbha print I focused on the idea of protection and of soil and dreamt up a lush and plentiful hedgerow, with an abundance of fruit and flowers, providing food and shelter for the many creatures that make the hedgerow their home. 



*The Milesians are the final race to settle in Ireland. They represent the Irish people. The Milesians are Gaels who sail to Ireland from Iberia (Hispania) after spending hundreds of years travelling the earth. When they land in Ireland they contend with the Tuatha Dé Danann, who represent the pagan gods. The two groups agree to divide Ireland between them: the Milesians take the world above, while the Tuath Dé take the world below 



The Banbha print is dedicated to my little niece, Banbha Rose.


Please note that due to the nature of silk and with the scarves being printed in small batches that colours can vary slightly, although we try our best to ensure continuity. Due to this and computer/ phone screen settings the colours can look a little different to above.

Banbha Oversized Merino Wool Scarf

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